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Vidya Lakshmi Portal

The Government of India has set up an online portal for students called ‘Vidya Lakshmi Portal’ on 15 August 2015.  The principal purpose of this information friendly Portal is to have facilities of education loan, scholarship & other student related facilities through one link.  The Portal is gateway to Banks for education loan & also has linkages with National e-Scholarship Portal inaugurated by the Prime Minister last year as a part of Digital India initiative. 

The Portal has the facility of tracking the students right from the inception of loan application until the completion of sanction or otherwise.  Students can view, apply and track their education loan applications to banks anytime, anywhere by accessing the Portal. The Portal would be useful for students, parents, educational institutions, bankers, employers, researchers, etc.  26 banks have been registered so far and 52 loan schemes have been uploaded in Vidya Lakshmi Portal. A student can apply from his Home or Institution or Kiosk or Cyber Café.