Press Releases Fraudulent calls received by Indian nationals

Fraudulent calls received by Indian nationals

High Commission of India


A few instances have been brought to the notice of this Mission where Indian nationals residing in Kenya have received fake calls from an individual who claims to be working for this Mission. While confirming their personal particulars, including travel dates, work permit number etc. the caller informs the concerned individuals that they had provided incorrect personal details such as Date of Birth during their departure from India for Kenya. The caller claims that the Kenyan High Commission in New Delhi has filed legal suits against them and that the files related to these cases have been forwarded to High Commission of India in Nairobi. The caller then demands a certain amount of money to resolve the issue. It is possible that the caller is employing ‘caller-id spoofing technique’ to use this Mission’s number and other numbers as well to communicate with Indian nationals. 

All the Indian nationals are hereby advised to NOT (repeat NOT) respond to such calls and immediately report the matter to concerned Kenyan authorities as well as this Mission on its email id